Ninth Annual Portland Fermentation Festival 2018 -- Two Months Away!

The Portland Fermentation Festival aka Stinkfest is only two months away! I'm pasting the press release that I just sent out below. Tickets available! You can purchase them online at our fest website linked below for $10/$20 and there will be a limited number available the day of at the door -- cash-only $15/$25! Want to participate as an exhibitor or do a demo this year?! Info. on how to do so is over at our website

Yet another brilliant Tim Root festival poster! Tim has designed each and every one of our festival posters since our inaugural fest in 2009. or Insta

Yet another brilliant Tim Root festival poster! Tim has designed each and every one of our festival posters since our inaugural fest in 2009. or Insta


Organizers & Media Contacts:

Liz Crain lizcrain at gmail dot com

Heidi Nestler heidi dot nestler at gmail dot com

Claudia Lucero claudia at urbancheesecraft dot com

Joy Church jcplayswithfood at gmail dot com


Ninth Annual Portland Fermentation Festival

Thursday, October 18th 6-9:30pm

Ecotrust’s Billy Frank Jr. Conference Center

Rooftop food & drink sales + music

Special guests in attendance this year from Japan

Panel of Experts on Japanese Ferments

721 NW 9th Ave. Portland, OR

All ages, open to the public, $10-$20 advance, $15-$25 cash at door

Children 12 and younger attend for free


A limited number of cash-only tickets will be available at the door the night of the festival for $15/$25

At a time in Portland when it feels like just about everything is undergoing or has recently undergone great change, it's nice to have some things remain the same year after year. Thank you, Portland Fermentation Festival. No big changes, same old STINKFEST! Our ninth annual Portland Fermentation Festival is only two months away and we are very proud that our festival was one of our nation's first. In fact, our festival inspired Tokyo's annual Fermentation Future Forum to kick off in 2017, and it also led to Beaverton City Library planning its own inaugural fermentation festival launching next month.

Please join us on the evening of Thursday, October 18th at Ecotrust for Portland's annual, open-to-the-public, all-ages celebration of fermented food and drink. Taste and share all sorts of international fermented foods and drinks made by professionals and home fermentation enthusiasts at the annual event that brought out more than 400 attendees in 2017. Bring kimchi, try kimchi. Bring miso, try miso. Come out for Portland's fermented food and drink skill sharing, recipe sharing and tasting event of the year. 

This year, we will have special guests traveling to Portland from Japan including festival friends Kombucha Ship! These folks and others will be a part of our 2018 Panel of Experts, which kicks off the festival from 6-7pm. The topic: Japanese Ferments. Panelists from Japan and Portland will dig deep into the wide world of Japanese food and drink fermentation and answer attendees questions. We also will have the youngest exhibitor in festival history this year, sampling something fizzy and delicious! More details about that in the final press release that will go out next month. And last but not least, festival co-organizer Claudia Lucero is getting everything in place for our first-time Ferment Bar on the mezzanine where attendees will get to try their hand at making their own fun and tasty vegetable ferments to take home.

Talk to fellow fermenters, exchange cultures and recipes, get advice from local food/drink fermentation enthusiasts, attend fermentation demo's and sample everything from sour pickles, fermented hot sauces, miso and natto, to cheeses, hard cider and kombucha.

Admission for the 7:30pm or 8:30pm Thursday tastings and fermentation demos is $10 advance/$15 cash at the door. Admission for the Panel of Experts plus the first tasting is $20 advance/$25 cash at the door. Enjoy rooftop music by DJ Jimbo, food from Obon and drink from Reverend Nat's Hard Cider.

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