Hello! My Name is Tasty: Global Diner Favorites from Portland's Tasty RestaurantsSasquatch Books, fall 2017

Book description: From the authors of the Toro Bravo cookbook, here are recipes from Portland's favorites, Tasty n Sons and Tasty n Alder, the restaurants that reinvented the brunch scene (and then every eating hour after that) with supremely satisfying dishes. 

First, throw away your pick-an-egg, pick-a-toast idea of brunch. Next, reconsider what to eat (and drink) every hour of the day. That was the plan with Portland chef John Gorham's Tasty n Sons and Tasty n Alder. Now Hello! My Name Is Tasty is going to heat up your home kitchen with these satisfy-all-cravings global diner favorites like Bim Bop Bacon and Eggs and Monk's Carolina Cheesesteak. The food has strong roots in the American Southeast, where Gorham earned his culinary stripes but tastes from Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America also have a strong standing. Welcome to the ever-expanding world of John Gorham's appetites. If you get thirsty, stir up something adventurous like a Dim Summore Bloody Mary or a Grown-Ass Milkshake.


"We've long enjoyed John's cooking since he first opened Toro Bravo and then Tasty n Sons and Tasty n Alder. His global palate and offbeat approach to diner classics shine through in this collection of must-try recipes, many of which are sure to improve lazy weekend mornings far and wide."
— John Becker and Megan Scott, authors of The Joy of Cooking, 10th Edition

"Never has a book lived up so righteously to its name as Hello! My Name is Tasty, the new cookbook from Portland food masterminds, chef John Gorham and writer Liz Crain. Chock full of gorgeous photos, great writing, and inventive yet super comforting recipes, reading Tasty is so absorbing and entertaining you'll almost forget to cook the food—almost."
— Isaac Fitzgerald, books editor of BuzzFeed


Grow Your Own: Understanding, Cultivating, and Enjoying CannabisTin House Books, fall 2017

Book description: As prohibition wanes and cannabis aficionados of all stripes come out from the shadows, old stereotypes are fading and common misperceptions are being put to rest. The benefits of cannabis are undeniable—medicinally, sure, but also for stress, creativity, and relaxation. And as any homebrewer, winemaker, or backyard gardener can tell you, there's a particular joy in doing it yourself. 

Whether you're new to cannabis and need to walk through the basics, or you're an experienced grower looking to hone your techniques, Grow Your Own provides all the background and instruction you need to set up a grow space, raise your plants, and harvest your buds. It will teach you how to choose a strain based on its characteristics and traits, how to to manage insects and molds without the use of pesticides, and how to maintain a healthy living-soil ecosystem right in your home garden. But Grow Your Own will also give you a primer on the cannabis plant itself and the myriad ways to enjoy it—from carving an apple pipe to baking a delicious batch of pot brownies. With photography, schematics, and infographics—along with illustrations from Allen Crawford. Grow Your Own promises that the process will be as accessible as it is rewarding.

"Grow Your Own: Understanding, Cultivating, and Enjoying Cannabis, by the team behind the high-end grow-op Raven Grass, in Olympia, Washington, helps you do exactly as advertised, with easy-to-follow, elegantly illustrated instructions.
— Esquire

"Fun, informative, and stylishly designed, this guidebook positions marijuana cultivation as a legitimate,
high (no pun intended) end, enjoyable hobby in the style of brewing beer or growing orchids.

— Publishers Weekly starred review


Toro Bravo: Stories. Recipes. No Bull.McSweeney's Books, Fall 2013

Book description: At the heart of Portland's red-hot food scene is Toro Bravo, a Spanish-inspired restaurant whose small plates have attracted a fiercely loyal fan base. But to call Toro Bravo a Spanish restaurant doesn't begin to tell the whole story. For chef John Gorham, each dish reflects a time, a place, a moment. For Gorham, food is more than mere sustenance. The Toro Bravo cookbook is an honest look behind the scenes: from Gorham's birth to a teenage mother who struggled with drug addiction, to time spent in his grandfather's crab-shack dance club, to formative visits to Spain, to becoming a father and opening a restaurant. Toro Bravo also includes 95 of the restaurant's recipes, from simple salads to homemade chorizo, along with an array of techniques that will appeal to both the home cook and the most seasoned, forearm-burned chef.


"Toro Bravo is so much more than a cookbook (though it does a damn fine job of being just that). It's a passionate story of how one great chef found his way by following his heart and trusting his gut. It's a moving memoir and a gastronomic map. It's a practical guide and a culinary cri de coeur. It's the book I'm going to press into everyone's hands."
— Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild

"Toro Bravo is the amazing story of a man's life and the building of a great restaurant. I loved it."
— Gus Van Sant

"The Toro Bravo cookbook is unique in its storytelling: John's personal story, the stories of the restaurant's evolution, the stories behind the recipes. Toro Bravo's magic lies in its ability to seamlessly merge the art of cooking with the commerce of dining: these are small plates, with big ideas."
— Andrew Zimmern, co-creator and host of Bizarre Foods

"Having gone to high school in Spain, some of my most vivid food memories are conjured by Spanish flavors. Gorham's dishes are not replicas of those in Barcelona or San Sebastian but their flavor and sensibility are as Spanish as anyone's. These guys (and their stories) make Portland one of the most exciting restaurant cities in the world today."
— Mario Batali

"John Gorham is a chef with a unique personality; he is magic. In his book Toro Bravo, he puts all his passion and soul into sharing Spanish cuisine with Americans. I'm certain both professional chefs and home cooks will love it."
— Ferran Adrià, head chef at ElBulli

"John Gorham seemingly mind-reads what we want to eat: comfort and craft popping with salty, sweet, spicy flavors. No one better translates Portland's raging gustatory desires and DIY spirit. This book captures the joy of Toro Bravo; all heart, no bull."
— Karen Brooks, author of The Mighty Gastropolis

"Here in Portland, Toro Bravo carves an uncommon niche—simultaneously adventurous and comforting. This cookbook, like the restaurant itself, tells the story of one restless spirit's search for home. These are recipes you'll want to both cherish and share."
— Carrie Brownstein, creator of Portlandia

"I've known John Gorham for over a decade, since I first got to town and he turned me down for a job. Since that fateful rainy morning, we've cooked together, confided in each other, commiserated (read: partied) together, and grown up significantly. Toro Bravo is the greatest expression of who John really is: nostalgic, spirited, brutally honest, fun as hell, and one of Portland's all-around-greatest chefs. The Toro Bravo cookbook captures his vision, ferocity, determination, and hilarity."
— Jason French, chef-owner Ned Ludd

"So many of my Portland friends have recommended that I eat at Toro Bravo, over the years, that I couldn't ignore their suggestion. I've loved the restaurant's many ferments, amazing food, and entire aesthetic. In the Toro Bravo cookbook, Chef John Gorham, collaborating with writer Liz Crain, has not only made the flavors of Toro Bravo accessible to home cooks with excellent, easy-to-follow recipes, but shared fascinating stories of his journey to the helm of some of Portland's best restaurants. This book is filled with culinary inspiration."
— Sandor Ellix Katz, Wild Fermentation and The Art of Fermentation

"You're gonna love this cookbook. Toro Bravo brought something special to Portland when it opened, and still does: easy-to-love, Spanish-style food in a non-fussy atmosphere."
— Stephen Malkmus, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks


Food Lover's Guide to Portland, Second edition Hawthorne Books, September 2014

Book description: For residents and visitors alike, Food Lover's Guide to Portland is a road map to finding the best of the best in America's favorite do-it-yourself foodie mecca. Navigate Portland's edible bounty with this all-access pass to hundreds of producers, purveyors, distillers, bakers, food carts, and farmers markets. This book is the indispensable guide to it all. In the second edition, readers get 30+ new full listings, 150+ new businesses, a new food cart chapter by food cart expert Brett Burmeister, and Hispanic Market section from food writer and Mi Mero Mole owner Nick Zukin. Whether you've lived in Portland your entire life, are visiting for business or pleasure, or are a hungry transplant — this book will help you find all that is delicious in Portland.

"An astoundingly comprehensive guide to Portland food. Crain has unearthed numerous gems in the nooks and crannies of Portland..."
— Tami Parr, author of Artisan Cheese of the Pacific Northwest

"Indispensable...Crain's book celebrates the local food scene through hundreds of listings and profiles of Portland producers, purveyors, distillers, bakers, food carts, CSAs, farmers markets and beyond."
— Ashley Gartland of The Oregonian

"NWBL is hungry, thanks to Liz Crain. We want her to take us on an eating tour of Portland, hitting all the markets and carts and cafes she writes about in Food Lover's Guide to Portland..."
— Jamie Passaro of Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association

More than just a restaurant guide...contains profiles and interviews with the folks...producing the high-quality ingredients that are largely responsible for putting this little foodie mecca on the map.
— Megan Zabel of Powell's Books

"A just-bigger-than-pocket-sized compendium of the PDX eating scene that's sure to resonate with the minds, hearts, and bellies of us all."
— Mike Thelin of Portland Monthly


True Portland: The Unofficial Guide for Creative People, Hawthorne Books, July 2017 (Edited and Introduction by Liz Crain)

Book description: True Portland: The Unofficial Guide for Creative People is more than a travel guide, it’s a curated experience that captures the essence of what makes Portland different from other cities. In addition to the essential information about where to eat, sleep, shop, run, create, listen, and think, this book has distinctive features such as 48 Hours in Portland, offering nine itineraries by local tastemakers, and interviews with and commentaries by Portland luminaries including Chairwoman of Columbia Sportswear Gert Boyle and Executive Chef at Departure Gregory Gourdet, about what makes Portland unique. This comprehensive guide presents both longtime residents and first‐time visitors with exceptional insights into Portland.

"[Teruo Kurosaki’s] a bit like Terence Conran and Giulio Cappellini rolled into one: a talent-spotter, retailer and manufacturer who has introduced his countrymen to Western contemporary design and helped a string of designers – including Marc Newson, Philippe Starck and Shiro Kuramata – gain international recognition." — Marcus Fairs, Icon Magazine

"The same year Popeye’s guide dropped, design icon Teruo Kurosaki―who’d begun a Portland-inspired food-cart pod and farmers market in Tokyo the previous year―published a book-length guide to our city titled True Portland, praising what he calls our city’s “future vision,” a confluence of maker culture, ecologically oriented city planning and forward-thinking design. When it came out, True Portland became the best-selling Japanese-language guidebook of any kind." —Matthew Korfhage, Willamette Week