Tickets on Sale — Seventh Annual Portland Fermentation Festival 2016

September 13th, 2016
This year's festival poster as always will be by the incredible Portland artist Mr. Tim Root. Here it is in-progress with its ghoulish Halloween theme. Within the week the festival website will be updated and the poster will be finished and downloadable there.

This year’s Halloweeny festival poster in-progress (since the fest is so close to the holiday this year) by the incredible Tim Root! He always makes us the best posters. It will be available within the week once the festival website is updated. Please download it there and help us plaster it around town and spread the word.

Since 2009 my friends David Barber, George Winborn and I have put on the annual Portland Fermentation Festival with/at Ecotrust ((THANK YOU ECOTRUST!!)) and every year it gets bigger and better. We’re less than two months away from this year’s festival — Thursday, Oct. 27th from 6-9:30pm — so I’m taking a moment to let you know all the stiiiiinky details in one place.

Most importantly, online tickets are on sale now ($10, $20) and you can purchase them here! Secondly, you can still apply to be an exhibitor — more info. on that once the festival website is updated within the week. Beyond that I’m pasting the press release below and some recent media links. Here’s the Facebook event page and Twitter page too if you want to be salty, sweet or social with us.


Organizers & Media Contacts:

Liz Crain
503.724.2980, lizcrain at gmail dot com

George Winborn
503.863.1608, gw.winborn at gmail dot com

David Barber
503.753.3477, briney at picklopolis dot com

Seventh Annual Portland Fermentation Festival
Thursday, October 27th 6-9:30pm
Ecotrust’s Billy Frank Jr. Conference Center
Rooftop food and drink sales and music
721 NW 9th Ave. Portland, OR
All ages, open to the public, $10-$20
Children 12 and younger attend for free

Tickets are now on sale for the Seventh Annual Portland Fermentation Festival and can be purchased online here from now until noon on October 27th! There will be a limited amount of tickets available for cash at the door on the evening of the event.

Please join us on the evening of Thursday, October 27th at Ecotrust for Portland’s annual, open-to-the-public, all-ages celebration of fermented food and drink. Bring kraut, try kraut. Bring miso, try miso. Come out for Portland’s fermented food and drink skill sharing, recipe sharing and tasting event of the year. We are very pleased to announce that this year’s special pre-tasting 6pm event is the always popular Panel of Fermentation Experts.

On the 2016 panel we have Nat West of Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider (Nat will be sampling chicha (!) at this year’s festival and his ciders will be available for purchase on the roof), David Barber festival co-organizer and owner of Picklopolis and Bingo Sandwich (Bingo Sandwiches will be available on the roof), Tara Whitsitt author of the forthcoming fall 2017 title Fermentation on Wheels: Road Stories, Recipes, and other Fermentations, Claudia Lucero owner of Urban Cheesecraft and author of One-Hour Cheese (Claudia will be demonstrating fermented nut cheeses on the mezzanine) and last but not least Matt Choi co-owner of Portland’s Choi’s Kimchi Co.

As always, we will have plenty of interesting demos (open to all festival goers) taking place on the mezzanine throughout the festival including a tsukemono demonstration with nukazuke, misozuke and kojizuke with Heidi Nestler of Pickled Things; a fermentation and nut cheese demonstration with Claudia Lucero; and a fermentation demo TBD from Todd Graham of Vancouver B.C.’s HandTaste Ferments.

Sooooo please come celebrate pickling season at the Seventh Annual Portland Fermentation Festival at Ecotrust. Taste and share live, fermented food and drinks made by professionals and home fermentation enthusiasts at the annual event that brought out more than 600 attendees in 2015. Talk to fellow fermenters, exchange cultures and recipes, get advice from local food fermentation enthusiasts, attend fermentation demo’s and sample everything from sour pickles, miso, and kefir, to cheeses, hard ciders and mead.

Admission for the 7 or 8pm Thursday tasting sessions and fermentation demos is $10. For $20 attend the 6pm Panel of Fermentation Experts in addition to the 7pm tasting and fermentation demos. Enjoy rooftop music from DJ Jimbo, food and drink from Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider and Bingo Sandwiches and others TBD.

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